How marketing, blogging and social media impact your business online

In recent years there has been a change in marketing. Companies invest less and less in traditional main-stream meadia, like: TV, radio, newspapers; and allocate more time and resources on social media and social networks, like: twitter, facebook and instagram.

Even though it is adviceable to create a profile for your business, blog or book on a given social network and post your content there, now a days, the fact is that anyone can create one of such profiles and the content you post, in many cases, can only be accessed to users of that specific network.

However, with the correct usage of a blog, like the one featured in all of our designs, you can create your own content, publish it from your own website and still be able to share it on social media with the look worthy of a professional business.

It's very important to stress that many social networks, not only have monopolized but also monetized the content their uses publish; making you to pay so "more people" can see your content. Virtually, forcing you to pay so your posts have any visibility.    

What are you waiting to be the owner of your own content and have it completely descentralized of any platform and accessible to all the internet through you own website, now!?